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  1. A small platform, ready for a big change
    11 Nov, 2016
    A small platform, ready for a big change
    As you know, it’s already been a year that Looks has been providing you with real time and high-quality personal fashion advice. We have now evolved into a stable “go-to” fashion platform and today we will open our funding round to exclusively you - our beloved clients. This money raised will be used for partnering with more retailers for larger assortment of fashionable items and grow Looks’ human force with even more professional fashion stylists that will go the extra mile for your perfect
  2. Father and son gift ideas
    17 Jun, 2016
    Father's Day Gift Ideas
    As you might know, father’s day is around the corner and if you don't know what to give him yet, consult this guide for some trendy ideas that could be your dad's potential future gift. Dad’s aren’t easy to shop for but they are well-worth it. Here are some great fashionable gift ideas if you still need to do that last minute shopping for your dad’s gift. Trendy moccasins Every father should have a serious pair of weekend shoes, they're very comfortable for all-day wear both around the house
  3. Short stacked heels
    10 Jun, 2016
    Shoes Every Woman Should Own Part 3
    We have a third and sadly, the last part of our 15 pair journey of shoes that every woman should own. We have seen ankle-strap heels, wedges, ankle boots and trendy sneakers. Let’s not forget the classic black pointed toe heels or my absolute favorite the nude heels. You might think, my closet can’t store all these shoes! But it should, because they are timeless, comfortable, elegant, unpretentious and some will ideally fit many occasions. If you haven’t read the first blog posts of the
  4. Cuffed shirt ready for the summer
    03 Jun, 2016
    Style Mistakes To Avoid This Summer
    Summer is here and you need to transform your whole wardrobe into fashionable, comfortable and summer ready outfits. This might seem easy but dressing in a comfortable yet stylish way for these exciting warmer months can be very tricky. There are some common mistakes that men make when it comes to choosing the right outfits for summer. Be careful with these pitfalls so read up and use some simple suggestions given to get around them. If you don’t look your best, you won’t feel your best and if
  5. Sandal heels
    27 May, 2016
    Shoes Women Should Own Part 2
    This part two of shoes women must have is very interesting. There are even sneakers in the list! I'm very sure we are guilty of having at least 3 of the shoes listed. But there are never enough shoes we can own! Nude heels The ultra-flattering, perfect for the summer shoes that fit with everything are the nude heels! When you are in doubt about the shoes that you have to wear, you can always turn to nude pumps. They are beautiful, versatile and comfortable. Nude heels often blend in with your
  6. Trendy watch
    18 May, 2016
    How to Make Your Watch Look Great for Any Occasion
    Watches are an important accessory to your outfit. When you invest in a high-end watch, you should be able to wear it everywhere and every day. Therefore, it is important to understand how to mix and match your different straps and bracelet. You could invest in a watch that has different straps or buy 4 different watches -if it’s within your budget of course. If you choose to invest in a watch with different straps you don’t have to worry if it looks a bit more casual or formal than you’d like.
  7. Heels, pumps, boots
    13 May, 2016
    Shoes Women Should Own Part 1
    Yes, part 1 because there is not enough shoes women could own. Right, ladies? We can’t ever seem to have enough shoes. Like diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend. There are seemingly endless options for every season of the year, and it is difficult not to collect all possible colors of pumps and boots up until we can make a rainbow out of shoes. Ankle boots “I love this style paired with skinny jeans, a summery dress or cutoff shorts.” says Cilia Perez - one of our top stylists. Try folding
  8. Hottest Men’s Sunglasses For This Spring/Summer
    11 May, 2016
    Hottest Men’s Sunglasses For This Spring/Summer
    Sunglasses have become one of the most common accessories seen today and they come handy in many ways. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and they are the perfect addition to complete your outfit. They are one of the trendiest accessories and whether you are on a boat trip or hanging out with your friends, sunglasses are the trendiest accessory to have. Remember, choosing the right pair of sunglasses is crucial - some will look good on you, others might not. Mirrored sunglasses These are
  9. Stylish Ways To Wear Your Hats And Beenies
    06 May, 2016
    Stylish Ways To Wear Your Hats And Beenies
    There are many fashionable ways to wear hats and beanies. In fact, they are a key accessory to give that extra touch to your outfit all year long. You don’t have to worry about bad or good hair days because this item will have you covered. Literally. For summer they are perfect to keep you protected from the UV rays and in the winter, cozy knit beanies help you keep warm. Baseball caps are just perfect for year-round. Blend in with all the off-duty models and stylish celebs with the hats and
  10. well dressed men in suits and fedoras
    04 May, 2016
    Go Global With Your Wardrobe, Gentlemen!
    We can agree that fashion is everywhere and that some cities in the world have their own men’s style characteristics. Let your wardrobe travel the world of fashion and equip it with some of the best styles. These are some fashion tricks that is worth stealing from the world’s best dressed cities. Tokyo Tokyo is one of THE cities of fashion, and has reputation for it. In this city anything goes! Since Tokyo is one of the world’s most densely populated cities, men do their best to stand out from
  11. The 8 Best Spring Trends For Women
    29 Apr, 2016
    The 8 Best Spring Trends For Women
    By the end of New York Fashion, we always have an idea of what to expect for the trends of next season. These are the 10 particularly strong recurring looks for spring 2016 that have emerged with a vengeance from the week’s fashion spectacle. Go golden! When you think back, golden was THE color for Las Vegas party girls apparel.. or for glitzy grandmas. However, it is a seasonal standout for the 2016 spring collection, thanks to a strong showing of this shiny gold fabric on the runaways. The
  12. 8 Shoes All Men Should Own
    27 Apr, 2016
    8 Shoes All Men Should Own
    Unlike women, who think that the amount of shoes they should own is a triple-digit number (guilty), men just need a handful of shoes that are important to have in their shoe department. Have a look and see how every occasion in your life will fit into at least one of these soles. This guide will provide you with shoes for every occasion. From low-key weekends to what we call now “smart casual” moments. Let's start comfortable. The leather sandal Comfortable and easy for a day at the park or
  13. Skinny jeans and trendy shoes
    22 Apr, 2016
    How To Fashionably Wear Skinny Jeans
    There is an ongoing war between stylists who say that skinny jeans are still a big trend in fashion and other stylists saying that denim skinnies are no more. As a stylist, of course I’m also taking part of this war and I say denim skinnies are definitely still the way to go! Who of you ladies own a pair of skinnies? I’m guilty, and I think most, if not all of you who are reading this have at least one pair as well. Way to go! If you think skinnies are no more, think again. I’m going to give
  14. Accessories for men with class
    20 Apr, 2016
    7 Men’s Accessories To Try for SS16
    Seeing the weather outside today, I will only recommend winter jackets but let us be optimistic about this and hope for a warmer weather! Hopefully. Of course I’m not sure, I can’t forecast the weather, but let’s talk about the spring/summer collections that are already in stores. This would be the perfect time to engage a little forward planning to ensure that you’re not behind on your fashion. Consider adding these trend-ticking pieces to your wardrobe. Let’s salsa! Have a collar Cubano
  15. LBD - little black dress. All black outfits
    15 Apr, 2016
    How To Wear Black On Black Without Looking Boring
    Many of us just love wearing black. We also fancy wearing black on black. But how do we know that we don’t look boring going full black? Here are some tips for us that just won’t give up our all black outfits. Garnish your outfit with jewelry Adding even a small accessory will highlight your outfit. Go as small or as big as you like. Make use of other accessories Add a hat, a scarf, a bag and/or sunglasses to enhance your look. This could be any color you feel like combining your outfit with
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